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    Aggregation and total problem

    Gediminas Tamenas

      Hey all, I got this strange problem that was trying to find how to fix it for the past 4 days..


      To start with, my current year value and previous year value is being aggregates in the database.



      1. I cant get numbers to match completely excel and tableau even tho im using exactly same logic and same data in both. notice how last column cs Budget % does match kind of but Grand total is different.

      2. When I remove months from the rows technical it should show me grand total numbers, but it does not do that..





      Did anyone had similar issue or any idea how to fix this?



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          Gediminas Tamenas

          Hey all, if anyone has issues with aggregated totals I have found a solution for it.


          {include [CURRENCY], month([DEPARTURE DATE]): [CY PREDICTED]}


          use INCLUDE function in Tableau and choose fields which you want your calculation to be based on.

          For instance I have CURRENCY and DEP DATE as my filters so I have included them in calculations and CY PREDICTED is my field to show numbers,


          Hope that makes scene.