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    Sum of Percentage value

    Abhijeet Bijoor



      I have the below data.

      I am trying to calculate Mtr 1/ Mtr 2 for each row. Then arrive at the sum (485%) and average (121%) of individual Percentage values.

      My target is to get the figure 485% even if I remove Dim 1 from my chart.


      Below is the issue I am facing.

      1. Mtr 2 is from secondary data source (through data blending) hence I cannot apply LOD functions.

      2. When I remove Dim 1 from the chart, Tableau calculates 90/82 = 109% but I want 485 %


      DateDim 1Mtr 1Mtr 2Mtr 1 / Mtr 2
      Total 9082485%


      Is there a way to achieve the sum as 485% and average as 121% after removing Dim 1 from column shelf?