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    How to make a calculated field component insensitive to a filter

    Victor Tomas Perez

      Hi everyone,


      I'm trying to create a KPI which is basically a division but with the denominator insensitive to a existing filter.


      I have several buildings, each one with an avilable surface (not occupied) and a total surface. Additionally, each building has a category (flats, individual house, etc) I use as a filter. I want to divide the available surface by the total surface of all buildings:  SUM[available_surface]/SUM[total_surface]


      The problem is that I need the denominator (SUM[total_surface]) to be insensitive to the categories filtered while I need the numerator (SUM[available_surface]) to be affected by it.


      For example, when having the filter filtered only by one category (i.e:flats) if I have 100 sqm available in flats and a total of 2000 sqm (all categories included), the KPI should display: 100/2000 = 5%.


      How can I get the denominator insensitive to the filter? I tried LODs, but didn't find a way to work it out correctly..