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    How can I filter across blended data sources, Desktop 10.1?

    Noah Spitzer

      I am trying to create a dashboard to show our customer
      territories their Energy Savings. The dashboard includes a map of their territory
      as well as a details section below. the problem I am having is in joining the
      filters from the Map page to the Detail page on the Dashboard.


      I have two data sources:

      Mock Territory Boundaries is a spreadsheet that contains
      Latitude and Longitude points to draw the polygons on the map.

      Mock Fact is a spreadsheet that represents the star schema
      data warehouse that we have.


      Joining the two data sources gives me a many to many
      relationship that overstates values. Blending the data gives me correct
      summaries and filtering capabilities on the Map, but because Detail has a
      different primary data source, I can't apply those same filters on the
      dashboard. If I use the same primary data source for a detail page, I can't
      show details (See sheet: Details with *)


      Is there any way to join to give similar results with the
      filtering capabilities? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.