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    Diverging chart to show Indicators.... Help!!!!

    Matthew Dunbar

      Hi There,


      Does anyone know how to create I diverging colour bar (Like the key) with a marker on it!!


      I have found a guide to make one but that uses a picture as a background.


      As part of a dashboard I'm looking to make a few of these that update depending on filters!


      1    A    88        100

      2    A    95        100

      3    A    60        100

      4    B    55        100

      5    B    75        100

      6    C    92        100


      So it will show 6 Lines red to green with the score and target.


      if you filter to A it adjusts to 3 lines, B to 2 lines etc.


      I managed to make this using Instructions from a different thread I managed to make the below but would prefer not using a picture as that is based on 1 result. I have around 150 coming under 20-25 categories so I would like to be able to filter on the categories!


      Any help would be appreciated