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    WDC - REST API basic authentication not working

    Mittul Madaan

      Hi Team,


      I am trying to connect to a REST API (web api), which requires basic authentication, with the web data connector (tableauwdc-2.1.latest.js).


      REST API has WWW-Authenticate | Basic realm='public', basic authentication implemented. I have integrated REST API authentication module with WDC.


      I am able to get basic authentication pop-up on all the browser. However, I am not able to get REST API basic authentication pop-up in WDC browser (in Tableau desktop). Any idea how to get this pop-up in WDC browser?


      I also tried creating a connection with the REST API using Manage External Service Connection (under Help -> Settings and Performance). I have specified server name and port with sign-in details. I got error communicating with external service.


      PFB error snapshot:

      The credentials are working in basic authentication pop-up of browser, but not working in tableau desktop.


      Do we need to increase any timeout in tableau desktop?


      Can someone please let me know the possible workaround for both of these problems? Diego medrano

      Martin Seifert