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    Using LAST()/FIRST() to hide rows/columns no longer working with Totals

    Caitlyn McIntyre

      I use LAST() on the filter shelf  to keep running totals and movement accurate, while showing only the last few columns of data (aka. to always keep 6 intervals worth of data, regardless of if the user chooses daily/weekly/monthly)


      Since upgrading to Tableau 10.1 from 9.1 this no longer works with Grand Totals switched on. I use this trick quite heavily so upgrading has ruined nearly all of my workbooks and I don't want to rebuild them. I'm really annoyed by this change



      I'm assuming Tableau has changed the way table calculations work with grand totals, does anyone know if this a fault or an intended change from Tableau? Other than duplicating all of my sheets to have a total and a breakdown does anyone know of an alternate option to hide columns dynamically?


      I've attached a sample workbook to explain what I mean.