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    Select parameter value through a calculated field?

    Garrett Rovera

      I need to create dynamic reference lines, that change based on the customer my consultant selects in the filter. On top of that I need the reference line to change base on the current MIN average between agent, market and territory.  I have gotten the functionality to work "manually" using the parameter control box and selecting the trend line desired; However, I would like to have a calculated field do the parameter selection for me instead of having to manually select the trend line.


      I think an example would be IF [MinAverage] > 92 Then [Parameter] = Trend Line 1


      In the screen shot, I would need a calculated field to change the parameter ([Test_Dynamic]) value to Trend Line 2 (currently the orange line) not Trend Line 1 (purple line) and do it without having to select it from the parameter control on the right.




      Is this possible? I haven't found a solution that works yet.