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    Do I need to shape my data?

    Garrett Shannon

      Hello! I'm using Tableau 10.1. I'm not quite familiar enough with Tableau yet to know how to articulate my question. I'm trying to be able to create a stacked bar chart which has a color legend sourced from a 3rd dataset. Here's an example dataset I'm trying to visualize:


      My Sample Dataset


      Every object has both a Defect Description and a Failure Cause. In Excel I rearrange my data so that I have 3 columns: "Object Name", "Defect Description", "Failure Cause" which allows me to create a stacked bar-chart that plots count of objects against defect description. I then use legend colors to show what the Failure Cause is within each defect description.

      In Tableau I'm not sure how to go about doing this. I've created calculated fields "Defect Description" and "Failure Cause" using a simple "IF Defect Description THEN Value" type of calculation, but they obviously do not line up. They simply have an * entry for every Line # whose prompt didn't match the IF requirement.

      I hope I've explained this sufficiently.... does anybody have recommendations on how to move forward?

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