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    Filter Groups

    Kevin Wiles


      Wondering if someone can help I have two filters which I want to combine so when you select the main one it filters to include only items of that filter.

      For example


      • Google My Business
      • Other Directories

      Is this possible I currently have my workbook set up as follows


      • Year (DATETRUNC('year', [Date]))
      • My Date ((DATEPART('year', [Date])*100 + DATEPART('month', [Date])))


      • Data Combination (SUM([Calls]))


      • Brand
      • Channel (Directory, Email)
      • Sub-Channel ( Google My Business, Other Directories)

      What I’d like is when this is then pulled through into the dashboard that I can select Direccctories it shows me all the Sub Channels within this main channel

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          Mia Lee

          Hi, Kevin


          I am not exactly sure what you're asking - directories are the same as sub-channel? You might want to set up a hierarchy on the dimensions that are related. And sharing your packaged workbook will make it easy to understand.


          Thank you.



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            Srinidhi Narayan

            Couple of things you can do.   As Mia suggests - create a hierarchy.  Here is a how-to:  Drill Down and Hierarchies


            Also - if you add all the necessary dimension filters on to your viz - you can set the filter options to show "Only Relevant Values"  Cascading Quick Filters in Tableau - The Information Lab

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              Kevin Wiles


              Thanks for this didn't seem to work though ;( I am basically trying to associate the sub channel with the main channel so when I am on the dashboard if I say select one of the main channels it selects all the sub channels associated with that channel only

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                Srinidhi Narayan

                Would greatly appreciate a sample packaged workbook, or at the very least a screenshot explaining what is happening, and what you'd like the desired result to be.   Right now we are taking potshots in the dark based on what we are hearing, not based on what we are seeing.  


                Some things to consider (again, based on my understanding of what I am hearing, and not what I am seeing) :

                - Are you using quickfilters on a dashboard that was brought in when you pulled in the sheets? If you pull in filters based on different sheets into a dashboard, but want those filters to apply to other sheets, you need to change the filter settings to apply to all the necessary worksheets.   

                - Are you using the hierarchies? 

                - Do you happen to be using dashboard actions?

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                  Kevin Wiles



                  So see attached images basically I want to get the filters to work together so if I select Miscellaneous it auto removes items from marketing channel - sub channel which are not associated with that top level filter.


                  SO you'd select one of the channels as below





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                    Mia Lee

                    Hi, Kevin.


                    I think you're simply asking the filters to show values with the data in it. you can click on that top right corner of the filter window and select "Only relevant values" - it will only show the ones with the data.


                    Hope this helped. Thanks,