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    Data issues

    Eshwar Prasad

      Hi Team,


      i have data like below(A), And i have my Dashboard like below (B)



      Customer KeyTypePkeyAmount




      Functionality of the Dashboard is, if click on Type A on the aggregated view(Top) i have to see 3 customer details with A1 Test codes and BCD codes in the details view and this is working fine.

      Now my requirement is i have to see data in both columns(A1 Test codes , BCD codes) in the details view  when i click on any Type.

      Means if member is having other codes other than what you clicked on the aggregated view, i should display in respective columns.


      for example, Customer 1001 is having 3 types A,D,B(PFB data) and 3 pkeys. Now if i click on Type A, this Member should have data like(expected view) this below


      Customer KeyTypePkey


      Expected view.


      i hope i am clear with my requirement. Can any one help me on this?

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          Joe Oppelt

          (Note to self:  V 9.2 here)


          I'm looking at this.


          I don't understand why clicking on "A" should show the user all 1001 rows.  Further, your expected view changes the value of P002 to $34 from $1324.  Why would that happen?

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            Eshwar Prasad

            Hi JOE,

            Thanks for the reply.


            Type A is having 3 Customers so, if i click on A which is having 3 count, i should see all 3 customers with all Pkeys.


            Customer 1001 is having all A, D and B type with Pkeys P001, P004, and P002 respectively.


            Requirement is if Customer is having other types also i should show Type related Pkeys in other column.


            I hope i am clear Joe.





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              Joe Oppelt

              I'm still struggling to understand what you need here.


              If the user selects B, the value is 2.  But 1001 has three rows.  Which two should be displayed?  If the user selects A, the value is 3.  Not all Customer Keys have 3.


              I don't see the connection between [Type] and [Customer Key].  Do you always want to show just 1001, no matter what [Type] the user clicks on?

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                Eshwar Prasad

                HI Joe,

                i just gave one example with one member 1001 who has Type A, B and D.


                It okay i will explain again.


                In the first view i have to show how many members in each Type.


                then in the second view, i need to see those Member details. if click on Type B, Type B Member details i will see the details view.


                If i click on any type(for example if you click on Type B), that type related members(1001,1002) will come in the drill down. But issue with Pkey.

                Member 1002 is having two Pkeys (With type B P002 and with Type A P004)


                If i clike on Type B only type B related pkays(P002 ) are coming in the Drill down(it should come under BCD codes). Other codes (P004) are not coming(this should come in A test done column).


                So requirement is, irrespective of the Type what i selected on the  aggregated view, i should see all pkeys in respective columns in the drill down.



                I hope i am clear now...

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                  Eshwar Prasad

                  Hi Team,


                  ANy solution, Can any one please reply..

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                    Joe Oppelt

                    Maybe I don't understand what you need because I just don't see the logical connection between "A" and the BCD codes.  Or "B" and the BCD codes.


                    Spell it out precisely.

                    When I click "A", what do you expect to see. Which Customer Keys?  Which BCD Codes?  Which A1Test Codes?  Which Amounts?


                    When I click "B", what do you expect to see.

                    When I click "C", what do you expect to see.

                    When I click "D", what do you expect to see.


                    Don't just answer one of these.  I need to understand the pattern so that I can figure out the logic behind your requirements.

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                      Eshwar Prasad

                      Hi JOE,


                      PFB expected result set on Details view for each click.


                      Please let me know if you need more information.





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                        Joe Oppelt

                        Now I understand.


                        If a Customer Key has any row with that [Type], then show all rows for that Customer Key.


                        Using an action filter forces equivalence.  That is to say, you will only get rows with [type]=(selected value).  You don't have Customer Key on Sheet 1 to pass those values to Sheet 2.


                        I changed your design a little bit.  I made a parameter with your TYPE values.  (I also added a value of "All" in case that needs to be an option.)


                        Now look at Sheet 2.  I made a filter for [Customer Key].  In it I used a CONDITION.  (Edit the filter.  Click the "Condition" tab, and you'll see the condition formula in there.)  That logic says that if a Customer has even one row that has the selected parameter value, then grab the whole customer.

                        And then after doing that, I realized that I probably could put Customer Key on Sheet 1.  See Sheet 1A.  And then see Dashboard 2.  This now works the way you are looking for.  (Click on the value field, and it selects all the Customer Keys on that row.)


                        And I know you don't want to see the customer keys on Sheet 1a, so see Dashboard 3.  I floated a container that I formatted to be colored white.  (For the sake of demonstration, I put a border on it too, so you can see where it is.  But you can format that border off the container so that it appears totally invisible to the user.)


                        And then finally, I changed the format of 1a (see sheet 1b).  I unchecked "show header" on [Customer Key] and I edited the TEXT display so that it shows nothing.  Technically Tableau sees [Customer Key] as a text field, but the formatting inside the text editor says to show it as null.  Now all that space is there but nothing is displayed in it.  In Sheet 1c I dragged that area to its minimum size.  You could replace Sheet 1a on Dashboard 3 with Sheet 1c, and delete the floating container.  All the internal data values are still on that sheet, and when your user clicks on a Type or a Volume, it will automatically select all the Customer Keys associated on that row, and the filter will display those keys in Sheet 2.