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    Sum total records in bar graph - show in header

    Kurt Heisler

      I recently asked how to calculate a count of records that stays fixed no matter the filters or view (i.e., a level of detail expression), and have it appear on the top of my bars for each pane (picture 1). I now find myself needing the opposite: a count of records that adjusts based on the filters and current view. Like before, I need the count to appear under the header for each pane. For example, if the view below is filtered to include only Close and Over (picture 2), the total for East should show 6 and the total for West should show 7. Since the number to return will always be the sum of the counts for each bar (for each pane), I thought this would be easy, but I can't figure out how to return a dynamic total per pane that sits above the bars. Thanks for any tips. Workbook attached.