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    Ask for help -- how to calculate based on each measure value

    Ci Song

      Hello everyone! I'm creating some distribution charts recently and have a question -- i have a raw data table (attached) having user_id, stage(impression-->visit-->conversion) and # pf exposure for each stage and each user_id. I want to create a chart showing:

      1. for each user_id, how many impressions, visit and conversion in total (I've done this part using SUM(IIF([Stage]='Impression',[#],0)), etc. )

      2. distribute the conversion rate(conversion/visit) based on # of impressions (what's the conversion rate if there's 1 impression in the conversion path; what's the conversion rate if there're 2 impressions in the conversion path....what's the conversion rate if there're 2000 impressions, etc..) this can be easily done by using excel and pivoting the tables, but i don't know how to visualize the chart in the tableau.


      Attached are the excel mock up data with the chart i want to create.


      Super appreciate your help!