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    How to bring label to front in a stacked barchart?

    Raymond Xie


      I am using public data to do some evaluation practice on Tableau and PowerBI.

      have a stacked barchat as below:

      Screenshot - 06_03_2017 , 4_21_30 PM.png

      As you can see, some bars have labels show up and some not, and this is kind of expected because this is a stacked barchart so literally there are two labels for each bar, and because the bars are stacked on *** (Male and Female), meaning the new stacked bar has two labels to show up so I am guessing maybe one (or both) might be under the bar itself and hence not showing up?


      How can I customize this to show the labels correctly?


      Besides, when I do the sorting by click on the sorting icon, it becomes the following, and it is hard to tell what is being sorted on?



      For the better understanding, I've exported this workbook and attached it here. This particular chart is included in the worksheet named: Gender Comparison


      Note again all the data are acquired from Open Data Canada:

      Five-year survival estimates for other selected primary sites of cancer, ICD-O-3 (October 2011 CCR file), by age group a…


      Thank you very much.