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    Calculating profit & sales tiers/levels using calculated fields

    Sarah Arnio

      Hi there,

      I’m trying to calculate a gross profit, based on different sales levels per month. The logic is the following:

      For sales less than $100,000 in a given month, then gross profit = sales * 1%

      For sales over $100,000 then sales % .5%

      So for if in February sales were $150,000, gross profit should be $1250


      I’ve put together the following LOD expression, but I’m not getting the correct results because I don’t think it’s calculating the sales based on the month (instead it's doing cumulative). In it, I’m assuming that sales for the month (product amount) is always greater than 100,000, but I’d love your tips on how to do the whole calculation without any assumptions.

      { FIXED [Month Paid date],[Application Code],[Status]:SUM([Product Amount]-100000)*.005+1000 }