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    Comparing This Year Sales by Day of Week with Same for Last Year and Calculating Difference

    Cherie Bardsley

      Hi, all...We are trying to compare Sales for this year with Sales for last year for same day of the week and calculate the difference between the two in the same worksheet.  For example, this first Friday in 2016 was Jan 1 and the first Friday in 2017 was Jan 6.  Sales for Friday Jan 6, 2017 were 2760.75.  Sales for Friday Jan 1, 2016 were 2449.27.  The difference we want to see is Sales for Friday Jan 6, 2017 (this year) minus Sales for Friday Jan 1, 2016 (last year) = 311.28.  We need to see all data in a text table, not just the difference, for example like this:


      Month          Weekday          2016 Sales     2017 Sales     Difference

      January       Monday




                          Friday               2449.47          2760.75          311.28




      Attached is a workbook showing how far we have been able to get trying to do this.  Please see Sheet 2.


      Any help would be most appreciated.