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    Customized Filter for a specific location (when a row 'contains' multiple locations)

    Tim Ryan

      I am trying to build a filter drop down list with a single value, and I am a newbie!



      Let's say I want to filter restaurants owned by a single location.


      Owned Restaurant          Location

      Wendy's                         New York, Dallas, London, Miami

      Burger King                    New York, London

      Cheddars                       Houston, Boston, Dallas, Phoenix


      Following a stackoverflow tip link <below>, I created a parameter for Locations and typed in each unique city name.


      Contains filter equivalent in Tableau - Stack Overflow


      Then I created a calculated field with the formula <below>, but it didn't work. My drop down list was True; False; All, not allowing the multiple cities (or single city) checkbox list I hoped for.


      CONTAINS([Owned Restaurants], [LocationParameter])