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    Tableau Action Filter

    Karen Christin

      Hi Everybody!



      please see attached workbook.

      how to keep the number of 'Total OS' at sheet detail just

      group by tren month sheet

      and branch sheet without range overdue?

      but for number of 'Total Unit Aging>30' and 'Total Aging(%)'

      change when i click another sheet at dashboard.




      for example at dashboard:

      when i click 'January' at tren month sheet ,

      at the 'Detail' sheet -

      Total unit aging >30 : 190

      Total OS : 3035

      Total Aging (%): 6.26%


      and when i continue to click range overdue sheet (31-90 days),

      at the 'Detail' sheet

      Total unit aging >30 : 158

      Total OS : 3035 (the number keep like above)

      Total Aging (%): 5.21% (unit aging/total os)



      Anyone can help?




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          Bhujang Hundre

          Hi Karen,


          you question is not clear, can you please simplify it.


          Please find the attached workbook, with little understanding tried to solve.


          Workbook 10.1 version



          Big B

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            Nikunj Bhardava

            Karen - You need to use FIXED LOD to counts OS by month of [Os Date]. It will keep OS Counts for selected month while not apply any other dimensions to the OS counts.


            Change following two formulas and let me know if that helps or not.


            OS = {FIXED MONTH([Os Date]):COUNTD(IF [Jlh Hari]<=0 THEN [Cf Application Id] END)+COUNTD(IF [Jlh Hari]>0 THEN [Cf Application Id] END)}


            (%) = ([>30]/ATTR([OS]))*100 - You need to aggregate OS because it is already aggregated by month of [Os Date]


            Thanks - Nikunj

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