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    Help Creating a Dynamic Chart

    Victor Acquaah-Harrison

      Greetings Tableau Community,

      I was hoping someone could help me tweak my chart such that it is a bit more dynamic than what I have now.


      Hoping to submit this next week as an additional slide for a project that I am working on .


      Basically, when I filter on one of the Types - Base, Optimistic, etc, the area chart changes. How can I get the area chart to only reflect the TYPE and not change the overall parameters? How do I prevent aggregation, but rather create a Superimposed look??




      I referred to this Video - Tips and Tricks from a Tableau Jedi at the 22:30 mark, but I couldn't quite figure out how to

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          Norbert Maijoor

          Hi Victor,


          Just a view ideas which you could take along....stored in attached workbook version 10.1 located in the original thread.







          The Measure is already coming as a running_sum from the source. Did some formatting and added a chart.

          The Types are now sorted based on alphabet. Not sure but based on notation i expect it should be Worst Case - Base Case - Lean Case - Optimistic???




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            Victor Acquaah-Harrison

            Thanks for the reply Norbert!


            So I can only see your image. What happens when you select one of the types? Since I submitted that question, I have achieved some effect of superimposing types. I just need to figure out how to prevent the data from summing or layering which brings me to your statement. What do you mean "is already coming as a running_sum"? Which measure is that? Type or New Subscribers?



            Thanks again for the quick response!

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              Norbert Maijoor

              HI Victor,


              the measure New subscribers is coming in as a running_sum.

              The left chart is not layering and gives you additional insides which is hard to indicate in the right chart.

              English is not my "native" language so not sure what you exactly mean by "Superimposing"??




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                Victor Acquaah-Harrison

                Ah yes - so if we are just using numbers  - 10, 20, 30....the scale should only go up to 30. What is currently happening with my data is it would be going up to 60 because it is summing or layering 30 on 20 on 10. This will confuse people because they will think there is a total of 60. I just want to show the additional change that occurs with sensitivity.  



                Or with an isosceles triangle - putting one inside a bigger one. It should not add up. It should show the outline. For instance N is the whole triangle and n-2 is the yellow. N-2 is NOT adding to the area of the triangle. N is superimposed over n-2. That's how I would like to display the data in my visualization...



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                  Victor Acquaah-Harrison

                  Ultimately, the chart should look like the one you have on the left with the only difference being that the chart is filled in as an Area Chart since an Area Chart looks better


                  However, as you can see in your 2 charts, one is suggesting a "Max" of 24k while the other is suggesting a "Max" of 80k....