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    Show sum of records in header (level of detail?)

    Kurt Heisler

      I have data with three columns: Region (East or West), SalesPerson (a name), and Quota (Close, Over, Under). Workbook is attached.


      I would like to show the total number of sales people in each region, and show that number under the header (like in the picture). I would like this number fixed no matter the view or filters in place (i.e., Level of Detail). I can't t figure out how to write the LOD expression so it's limited to a particular region, like one LOD for East and another for West. For example, this LOD will return the total for both regions:


      { FIXED [Region]:sum([Number of Records])}


      Can this be tweaked so it's only for a specific Region?


      And if I get the LODs right, I'm then unsure how to incorporate it into the view as in the picture. Thanks for any help!