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    Group values of a ranked field

    Dimitris Mitrodimas

      Hi everyone,


      I have a graph where I show the number of users per country (split by their gender), as per below:



      Since the number of countries is quite large (you only see a small fraction here), I would like for the graph to only show the top 9 countries + 1 group including "all others". So I need to somehow group countries according to their ranking.


      Now, in "normal" fields, I know you can just right-click on them and create your own custom groups, as shown below for field "Packaging" for example.



      The thing is, I need to do the same with a calculated field that computes the ranking of each country according to its number of users, i.e.

      When I right-click on "Rank", Tableau doesn't offer a "Group" option like it does with other fields. So I cannot find a way to make this work...



      Any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance,