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    How can Interactors recover lost passwords and change passwords?

    Mike Hoyt

      I have links embedded in my Enterprise Software to some Viz's I created ofr my end users.  They spend most of their work day in the Enterprise software so it is very handy for them to just have the links there to the reports they need.  When they click the link (which is the URL for the specific report on Tableau Server) it opens the Tableau log in screen.  If they don't remember thier login/password, there is no link to recover it, there is nothing for them to do but call me


      If they do remember the login/password then they get the specific Viz they were looking for, in the same view i see as a Develper when I click the Presentation Mode, that is, without the toolbar.  Since the toolbar is where they would see their Username and have the option to go to My Account Settings and then change their pssword, they don't have a way to navigate to that.  (Interestingly, if they go back to the Enterprise software and click the link for any of the Vizs they have access to, a second tab opens in the browser with that report and the toolbar, and they then can navigate to change their passwords.  Very clunky, but so far the only way I see to do it)


      We do not have Active Directory.  We are on Tableau 9.0.


      Any ideas on a better way to allow users to recover/change passwords?


      TIA Mike