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    How to prevent a filtered value from destroying radius calculation?

    Joshua Gearheart

      Thanks in advance for the assist Tableau community. 


      In the attached a user defines a center point using a parameter called "Center Point. "  If the center point matches values in either Uid1 or Uid2 a center point is set and then a radius is calculated using the distance set in "Select Radius."  After finding the collection of points within the radius, the workflow is such that users be able to filter data.  The behavior I have not been able to solve is that when the actual center point is filtered out of the view.  I understand why this is happening, but cannot think of a work around (once the center is filtered out the field calculating the radius has nothing to base itself off). 

      Here are some things I've tried and why I think they're not working:


      *Data blend - essentially blending a duplicated data set.  This doesn't work because filtering one side filters the other which still removes the center point.

      *Hiding quick filter value - we've used the word hide to describe this function, but it should actually be exclude, or basically filtering out what's "hidden" (also can't figure out how to make this dynamic, but that's a separate topic).

      *Condition of a quick filter - I thought I might get somewhere with this by duplicating the filter fields and writing some code in a filter condition that would roughly say "include all values except for what's typed in Parameter 1."  Couldn't get this to work.



      Appreciate any ideas, although I feel this may not be possible.  Hope I'm wrong!