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    Auto-update view with Web Data Connector extract

    Alexandra Usacheva



      I have a workbook published on Tableau Server with several WDC extracts. Extracts are refreshing by schedule every 15 mins.

      But, if I keep my dashboard tab open for a long time (when the data have been already refreshed by server schedule), my view is not updating. I need to 'F5' my browser window in order to re-load the view.

      I know that there is some way to enable auto-updating the view without refreshing the whole browser page. Earlier, I somehow had it updating when I moved my mouse inside. But now this method isn't working and I don't know why.


      Any help would be appreciated!!!


      What I've already tried and it's not working:

      • adding 'refresh=yes' parameter in url address
      • clicking 'refresh' button in toolbar


      Tableau Server + Desktop v.10.2.

      Web Data Connector connects to SQL database and does not support a live connection.

      My datasources are not published separately to the server as they include some complex calculations.