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    Unable to Login from Tableau at Home Anymore?

    John Smith

      Edit: Screenshot of login error attached

      My coworker sent me a link earlier to login to Tableau to help troubleshoot an issue with a link that looked like the following... http://iww.tableau.companyname.com:8021/#/site/AWI/projects


      With this link and his login I was able to login from my laptop when I got home (I don't have any Tableau software downloaded onto onto my laptop), after watching two hours of Tableau training videos, I tried to login in again to trouble shoot the issue using that link, but was unable to. Could someone let me know if this means that I am only allowed to login to Tableau from a certain device? Could it have been that my coworker uses Tableau desktop or Tableau server, or vice versa, and that is why I can't log in?


      We're new to Tableau, but after 3 hours of trouble shooting and losing access, a tiny bit of direction would help a ton, appreciate it thank you.


      Edit: Screenshot of login error attached

      DNS Address Could Not Be Found.png

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          Chris McClellan

          There's nothing within Tableau that would do that.  I wonder if it was a network glitch or there is some server downtime (scheduled or not). 


          Tableau Server is what you're connecting to, the URL looks right and the only thing you need is a compatible browser and a working internet connection


          Can you try again and submit a screenshot of the error if you can please ?

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            John Smith

            Screenshot attached. This link had worked earlier. Tried clicking on it as well as copying/pasting into my browser. Not sure why I can't login anymore.


            Bad or expired link?

            Issue with our Tableau account or type of account we have (I'm totally new perhaps I'm misunderstanding how Tableau works)?
            Issue I created by trying to login from multiple computers within a few hours?


            If I can no longer login my next step will be to contact my coworker and ask him if he can still login normally, but was trying to have a better update for him than that before he flies overseas in the morning. Thank you kindly.

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              Chris McClellan

              Hmm .... it could be a DNS error (domain.com not responding - basically what the error says), the server is turned off or Tableau Server has been shutdown.


              Nothing you can do though except tell them that the link is not working.

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                John Smith

                Am I possibly going to the wrong login screen?


                The link my coworker sent me previously (posted above) seems to be a link to a specific "page" of tableau while he is logged in perhaps? When I clicked it yesterday it took me to a login screen and I was able to login no problem but maybe it timed out?


                I tried to login at the pages below just now, neither worked. Not familiar with the different login screens/products of Tableau, am I missing something?



                Login | Tableau Online


                Login Screen for Online.png


                Tableau Login Screen 2.png

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                  John Smith

                  Chris thank you for your time sir! Had stayed at work late a bit working with Tableau....the login worked from home an hour later...then stopped. Sure enough when I got back to work today that link worked again...the login is different while here, it shows our company logo so I'm guessing I need to either be on work network, or the login is secured somehow (firewall, network approval, etc). I'm guessing when it let me login from home that was actually a security loophole perhaps. Chris I really appreciate your time!

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                    Toby Erkson

                    John Smith wrote:


                    https://tableau.aps.k12.co.us/auth/?destination=%2F  This is your work Tableau Server.  You can just use https://tableau.aps.k12.co.us

                    Login | Tableau Online  This is Tableau Public (which is a Tableau Server that Tableau allows the public to use), it has nothing to do with your link above.


                    HTTPS means you are connecting to a secured Tableau Server, meaning you likely need to be connected to your company's network.  I'm not sure but I think you would need to have the proper security certificates on your machine (I defer that answer to Chris McClellan).

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                      Chris McClellan

                      That sounds right    DO you login to a work VPN from home ?  something like Citrix or other equivalent "security validation" software ?


                      Anyway, it's very common for your sort of setup.  It will work perfectly at work (because they've allowed those IP addresses - client side) and when you're away from work it won't work at all.  If you authenticate yourself at home then you're essentially on the work network and everything works.


                      We do the same thing on our servers, and our VPN has an auto-logoff so if I'm idle for too long suddenly the connection doesn't work because I'm not authenticated any more. 


                      It's a good protection against hackers, which is why your IT dept does it that way