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    Calculate average time per root cause

    Parimal p

      Hi there,

      I am currently doing a root cause analysis of tickets and their effective root causes.

      One ticket can have multiple root cause and hence ticket id appear multiple times compared to root causes linked to it but will have the same time taken.

      I am trying to find the time taken by each ticket id divide by frequency of occurrence of ticket ID.


      Some sample data


      IDTimeRoot cause


      So simply i need RC1 have time 10 hours for w1, 15 for w2 ; RC2 have time 10 hours for w1 and 15 for w2 and RC3 have 10 hours for w1 and 10 for w3.


      I am thinking that the answer is very straight forward but couldn't think of it. I am getting aggregate and non aggregate cannot be combined error when creating a calculated field.


      Thanks in advance