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    Data Not Updating

    Patrick R

      Ran into an issue and I am not sure whats going on. We connect tableau to a text file that updates every hour. The data isnt Massive but it is approaching 1 mil which shouldn't be very heavy. Created a dashboard based on the text file and uploaded it to server. Today, i come in and see that the data didnt update to include March 2nd. So i do a manual refresh which doesnt go anywhere so i decide to check the text file.


      I make a copy of the text file and open up a brand new tableau to check the raw data. I open it up and the last item is from Monday night(3,1,17). Huh... so i opened up the text file with excel as an import and i see data up to today(3/2/17). There is a difference of about 4k rows between excel and tableau and it is the same file. I figure i am going to have to make the visuals again but there is no point if i cant get all of the rows. 


      Tableau 938759 rows excel 943,022 rows. Why didnt tableau import everything?


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          Tom W

          Not enough details to really help here...


          Is the text file on a network drive? And does Tableau Server have access to that network drive?

          Did you use the UNC path when connecting to the file in Tableau Desktop?

          Did you create an extract in Tableau or did you leave it as a live connection?

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            Patrick R

            Hey Tom, maybe i set something up in correctly.

            The file is on our drive and i connected to it through our data conventionally.

            the Data isnt saved on my computer but on the network.

            Looks like \\cast-02\cast\data\Filename.tsv


            After i made the dash board I extracted the file to my local folder for tableau and then uploaded the dashboard and published the source to server with an assigned schedule. I uploaded around 5pm and it looks like the visualization updated until 9 pm after which it no longer updated.


            Did i need to do something else?

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              Tom W

              What was the frequency of your schedule? Was it hourly and you're saying it did update between 5 and 9 but not after? Did those refreshes after 9pm actually execute? Have you taken a look on the Tableau Server Status page to see if the extract refreshes actually ran after 9PM?

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                Patrick R

                Yea ichecked and the refreshes went on as normal. What is strange to me is a opened a brand new tableau session and contacted to the data source and it would only pull in data from up to 9 pm. When i opened that file in notepadd++ i could see data until 3/2/17.

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                  Tom W

                  What is the data update data on the extract showing as?

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                    Patrick R

                    So i took another looks at the raw data and it looks like Tableau is doing something funky when there is a errant

                    ". In one of my columns, someone put 10" and then no closing " or an \". It seems like Tableau Picked up the non terminating " and did who knows what with the following data. 

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                      Tom W

                      It sounds like it's interpreted it as an 'end of file'. Or perhaps there was an end of file / line break type character in there which has screwed it up.

                      How is the CSV being generated? I'd look into changing that process to make some safe guards - perhaps you should turn off the text qualifier all together and just use the separator. You could use a less than common character as your delimiter instead of a comma. I know in the past we've used funky ASCII characters to prevent this problem. With that being said, I avoid using CSV files where I can and favor something more tightly defined like a JSON file.

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                        Patrick R

                        We were actually using a TSv file, tab deliminated. wrote a bash script to gather data from a data base and update the text file. Sometimes users use " instead of ' for measurements and we actually found 6 other instances where the the " wasnt closed. Just went back and made sure to close of each line with \" going forward from our feed.


                        Didnt know that Tableau would pick up those rogue quotes.

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                          Tom W

                          I think pretty much all programs will trip over the extra double quote. I'm surprised Tableau handled it in the way it did though. Like, why stop processing there? Why not throw out an exception?

                          Now we know this was the cause, I would suggest you submit a case with Tableau Support to get them to look into it. Send them the file so they can replicate, the extract should have failed.