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    Enable SSL for AWS Aurora Connection - Tableau Desktop 10.2 OSX

    Thomas Knox

      I can set up a new datasource connection in Tableau Desktop that points to an AWS Aurora instance without trouble.  Hostname, port, usersname, password.   Check.


      But when I try to enable SSL, Tableau Desktop freezes and I end up having to Force Quit.


      When I check 'Enable SSL', the 'Sign In' button goes inactive, and some clickable text encourages me to use a custom SSL certificate.  I click that, click browse in the dialog box that appears, and choose the CA bundle for AWS RDS Aurora that I use for non-Tableau SSL connections to Aurora.


      When I close the dialog box, the interface freezes, the Sign In button never becomes active, I can't close the modal connection dialog, and I can't quit Tableau Desktop naturally. 

      Any advice appreciated.  What am I missing?


      Thanks in advance,