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    Measure seleciton and Drill down

    Eshwar Prasad

      Hi Team,



      I have a requirement below...



      I have on aggregated view with text table and one dril down view to see the member details.



      if click on one measuretype(DiabeticWithRetinopathy) then i should see all members with Retinopathy and respective Procedure code and Description.



      But My requirement is if member is having any other conditions other than what i selected on aggregation view, i should display allprocedure codes in Other procedures code column.



      Fir example(PFB table) in the view Member 32770 is having DiabeticWithRetinopathy and other conditions also , if i click retinopathy on Aggreagation view and came to drill down i have to see other Procedure Codes(90670,G0009) in Other Procedure codes Column and procedure code(99214) in selected Measure Precedure code column. But now only Selected Measure Procedure code is showing respective selected Measure type code and Other Procedure codes Columns is becoming empty.



      I Hope i am clear with my requirement.

      PFA workbook with my sample data.



      If any one found solution please send me workbook with 9.3 Version. I am using 9.3 version.