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    GetData from Web Edit mode

    Matthew Falkenham

      Hi Everyone,


      We have a process in place that uses GetData to export data from our dashboards embedded in a portal, that data then goes through an ETL process which appends additional columns of data not included in the viz and returns the result to the end user or can be sent to another process (ex. sending marketing emails to a list of customers).


      We want to expand this process to be available during web editing as well.  However with the web edit version of dashboards not being accessible through typical Javascript API calls we haven’t had any luck. Has anyone done something similar or have any ideas on how to pull data from a dashboard in web edit mode programmatically.  We want to avoid making the end user download the data through Tableau’s built in export option and then upload that csv to our ETL process.




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          Hey Matthew,


          I moved this question to the JavaScript API portion of our Community where hopefully other users will chime in with their experiences.


          However, I believe that because you won't be able to call Web Editing from the JS API, you won't be able to export the data in any way except for the built in "export > data" button. I'd be curious to see if anyone has a workaround.