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    Reference Images from local computer

    Daniyal Khan

      Hello Everyone,


      I am trying to create an image reference link so that I do not have to embed these images one by one because this will take time, increase the workbook size and when new images are added I would have to set them again and again. The number of images are more then 10,000.

      So is there a way to just reference the folder in my computer where all the images are stored with a unique code. I have this code in my data as well.



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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello Daniyal,


          If the images reside on a web server location that can be referenced via a URL then you could use a URL with the data field to identify each image uniquely and display it. 


          It looks like someone has even created a YouTube video showing this method - Hot Tip: Tableau - Dynamic Dashboard Images - YouTube


          I hope this helps,




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            Daniyal Khan

            Hello Patrick,


            My images are in my computer where tableau desktop is installed. When I

            use URL action to reference the images from the folder the hyperlink

            doesn't work. Is this the right way or is there any other way around.?



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              Jonathan Drummey

              Hi Daniyal,


              If you're going to be publishing this workbook to Tableau Server then having a local folder probably won't work because Tableau Server is unlikely to have a mapping back to your desktop. In that case the images would need to reside in a network location that is accessible by Tableau Server, but even then there's an issue I'll describe below. The "best" in terms of easiest configuration would be to put your images onto a web server. If you are using Tableau Server but don't have a web server handy, there is a way to use Tableau Server as a web server by placing files in a certain location on the server, I don't have the URL handy (and the scheme changed in v9.0).


              Tableau sends URL actions to two different locations, you haven't described which way you are using:


              1) The target is a web object in a dashboard. In this case there's a problem in that Tableau blocked file:/// URLs for URL actions sometime back in the 9.x releases for security reasons. It's possible to whitelist file:/// actions on Tableau Server, but I don't know any way to do that on Desktop. Also, I'm not sure if Tableau's web object will even render file:/// actions on Server. The workaround is to upload the images to a web server and use http:// instead.


              2) The target is not a web object. In this case URL actions with file:/// will work fine in Desktop where technically Tableau will use the default application for the file type that might not be a web browser. If using Tableau Server you'd need to whitelist file:/// actions and then the web browser would intercept the file:/// action and decide whether to render the file itself or pass it on to the OS. The user would also need permissions on the destination files.



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                Tim Scheffler

                Hi Jonathan,


                Can you explain point 2?  What kind of object can I use in Desktop this way in order to display a local image file dynamically?  I am in the same situation where users use local twbx files and images because when they use tableau they are travelling and do not have access to the web.


                That's why we are still using version 10.0


                Thanks,  Tim