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    Single Filter for Multiple Columns

    Kimberly Coutts

      Hi All -


      I am trying to build a single dashboard that compiles data from all of our Student Services.  My data is similar to the table below.  I have one student per row, a variety of services a student can access in a given year,  and then a series of basic demographic characteristics to display.  The problem is that the service columns are not discreet.  A student can be involved in multiple services in a given year.  I ultimately want the heads of each of these departments and click a single filter to display just those students who participated in that program.


      I know this is possible,  I have seen other colleges do it,  but I have yet to unlock the mystery.     How can I create a filter that encompasses Admissions through Tutoring so that we don't need to create separate dashboards for each?


      Thanks in advance. 




      Student IDAdmissionsFinancial AidCounselingAthleticsTutoringAgeGenderEthnicity


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          Deepak Rai

          Hi Kimberly,

          Here it is:

          Steps are:

          • Pivot your activities from Admission to tutoring
          • Get two Fields namely Activity and Value
          • Create view

          Find attached in 10.2

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            Hello Kimberly,


            An alternative by using the combination parameter and calculated field.






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              Deepak Rai

              Thanks Kimberly. Glad it Worked. Take a moment to mark it CORRECT to close discussion.

              Thanks again


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                Hello, I'm looking for help on something similar:  I'd like to have a single field that will allow me to select multiple "Student Services" so the results only include those that have participated in what I've selected.  Using Kimberly Coutts' example, I want to select Admissions, Financial Aid and Counseling, and have the results limited to Student IDs 001, 002 and 005.  Do you know if that is possible? 

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                  Kimberly Coutts

                  Hi Bonnie –


                  I’ve come a long way with parameters since I originally posted that.  ☺   There is a FANTASTIC YouTube video by Andy Kriebel that walks you through 12 uses for parameters.    It is enormously helpful.  Our specific issue is addressed beginning at 21:30.  The entire video is just under 50 minutes,  but I  seriously have viewed this almost 100 times for a variety of projects.  They key is understanding that for every parameter you will need a calculated field to drive it.


                  12 Use Cases for Parameters in Tableau<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opfVV1maNVw>


                  The selection of the services is relatively straightforward,  but I’m not entirely following what you’re saying about student ID numbers.    When you mention those three numbers,  are you referring only to those students who have used a particular service?





                  Kimberly A. Coutts

                  Research Analyst

                  Office of Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness



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                    Lyndsay White

                    Does this work if the 2 columns you need to filter on also need to be in the Rows shelf?


                    e.g. I have 2 columns in my raw data (Year column and Quarter column). - just showing 2018 and 2017 for simplicity  



                    The users would like to be able to toggle between displaying by quarter (so if they select 2018 it will show Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 for 2018), and by displaying by year (so if they select year it will show 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018). The data is displayed mostly in bar or line graphs so the headings would need to change from Q1, Q2 to years.


                    Display option 1 when you select year 2018 (there are multiple years).



                    Display option 2 when you select years:



                    I don't want to use a parameter to swap sheets because there are 12 story points that need to have this applied to them each with multiple worksheets on each story point.