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    Single Filter for Multiple Columns

    Kimberly Coutts

      Hi All -


      I am trying to build a single dashboard that compiles data from all of our Student Services.  My data is similar to the table below.  I have one student per row, a variety of services a student can access in a given year,  and then a series of basic demographic characteristics to display.  The problem is that the service columns are not discreet.  A student can be involved in multiple services in a given year.  I ultimately want the heads of each of these departments and click a single filter to display just those students who participated in that program.


      I know this is possible,  I have seen other colleges do it,  but I have yet to unlock the mystery.     How can I create a filter that encompasses Admissions through Tutoring so that we don't need to create separate dashboards for each?


      Thanks in advance. 




      Student IDAdmissionsFinancial AidCounselingAthleticsTutoringAgeGenderEthnicity