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    Multiple Groups in one county, need help with county map .

    James Brett

      This is probably a simple fix but unsure of how to work it. We are trying to map providers by county, but some counties have multiple providers in them (which we want to show, in the key as well). Is there a way to do that?

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          James Colvin

          Howdy from Chattanooga (guessing from your workbook you're a fellow TN resident)!


          I recently ran into a similar issue. The solution I ended up with was instead using the map to show the number of items present in the county, and having a separate worksheet that is filtered by a dashboard action that provides the details about each item present. So in your case, each county is shaded by the number of providers, and then you can click on a county (or multiple counties) to see the list of providers present in that county. I provided an example in the attached.

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            Jamieson Christian



            Attached is a workbook (version 10.1.5) illustrating a possible solution. This approach does 2 things: (1) compile a comma-separated list of provider names for a given county, and (2) lump multiple providers into a generic grouping for the legend.


            Combining Names

            This technique uses PREVIOUS_VALUE to compile a comma-separated list of all the providers for a given county. This is great for tooltips, but not for the legend — the names get so long that the legend cuts them off.


            Grouped Names

            This technique detects whether a county has more than one provider, and if it does, it lumps it under "(# providers)". This makes for a clean legend, though you can't tell what specific providers cover a county without providing more detail e.g. in the tooltip.


            Put 'Em Together…

            By using Combined Name for the tooltip and Grouped Name for the legend, you end up with a pretty nice user experience.


            Let me know if that's what you are looking for!