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    Need help with displaying measure values on top

    varun dravidam


      I have used multiple marks to use conditional coloring on just one mark. But by doing that my measure names are displayed in the bottom. Any ideas on how to get the measure names below the date.

      Also attached the workbook.


      Thanks in Advance for all the help!

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          Joe Oppelt

          See attached.


          What I did here was made a dual-axis for Mark-1.  You can do the same for Mark-2.  That puts an axis at the top AND at the bottom.  Then I changed the title for the bottom axis to null.  (Select the string and just clear it out.)  And I did the same Tick Mark setting you did to clear out the zero.  I also put the same CNTD in the label for the second half of the dual axis.  You have to put something in TEXT, else you'll get "ABC" overwriting your CNTD value.  You can leave CNTD on both, but you'll notice that it's overlaying the same value twice in the cell, giving you an awkward look on the display.  So I edited the TEXT of one of them, and in the text editor I replaced the field name with a space.  (Just to have something in there.)


          But you'll see that the alignment of the labels for the measures doesn't match up with those of the dimensions.  That's because it's still an axis.  And I see why you did what you did.  It lets you set different formatting for the two measures.  So I'm not sure if that alignment is going to be a problem.


          One other thing.  If you try to uncheck "Show Header" for ine of the Mark-1 axes, it does so for both.  You could create a second dummy measure and dual-axis them.  No big deal, really.  Then you CAN hide the header for the second dummy measure and it will still leave Mark-1 in place.

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            Jamieson Christian



            You are absolutely brilliant. I've been trying to figure out how to do this for quite a while. That's a great trick!

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              varun dravidam



              Wow you made it simple brother. I really appreciate your help and thanks for the detail explanation which made me follow it easily.

              You are genius bro!!


              I could replicate the same for Mark 2.