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    YAG with Parameter end date

    mark schukas

      I have four columns (year ago)

      YAG   2 YAG   3YAG   4 YAG


      at the moment, I have each year's range from 1/1/year to present day (Today())

      the user would like to select the end date and compare across years (e.g., might select today or another date like 1/31/17


      I would like to let the user select the month and date and then compare across current year and the three previous:



      I've tried:  (this works, Parameter 1 of formatted as mm/dd/yyyy)

      //Calc_Parameter YTD

      IF [Logged Date] <= [Parameter 1] AND DATEDIFF('year',[Logged Date],[Parameter 1]) = 0 

      THEN [Number of Records]





      thank you.