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    How to show four bars in a worksheet?

    yinqiu Zhu



      I have the following DB2 table.

      Customer ID           Date            Wealth client

      236587                2015Q3             McLeod                   

      258751                2015Q1             PIC&ET

      345212                2015Q4               Total

      310548                2015Q2             iTRADE





      How may I able to make a graph in tableau similar to the below?

      I can use filter to make one bar each worksheet. However, I want to make all four bars shown on one worksheet.


      Appreciate for your replying!

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          Joe Oppelt

          You'll do yourself a favor to have a date field that is in a date format.  Tableau is probably going to use the values you have as a string.

          But that's a separate issue.


          You can drag DATE to the COLUMNS shelf.  And drag your measure to the ROWS shelf.

          And then drag WealthClient onto COLORS.  It will sum up the total by date, and break your bars apart into colors by WealthClient.

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