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    Creating a Calculated Field based on count


      Hi, I am looking to find out how I can write a calculated field in order to workout targets for each teacher. So for example if I have Teacher A who has 20 students then the teachers target will be 20 for the month but then I need to divide this Weekly.


      I have the fields Week_Ending (set as Friday), Class and tests that the teacher has done.


      An example of my data:


      Teacher A has done 5 tests WE10.02.17, 1 test WE17.02.17 and 1 test WE24.02.17. The teacher or class has 20 students so the target is 20 tests per month and divide by the number of weeks in Feb which is 4 so target would be 5 per week.


      This would then allow me to build a doughnut chart that will show for each week how many tests were done against the target.


      So this will show me 5 tests were completed for WE10.02.17 and met the target (shown in a doughnut chart).


      Hoping somebody can help.