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    Dual Axis Gantt Bar - How To Exclude Values From Second Axis from Values on First

    Leanne Vermeulen

      This is really tricky... I'm working on a Dual Axes Gantt Bar chart that shows Room Availability times by day overlaid by Agenda Item Durations on the second axis. As you can see, some of the agenda times overlap (start or end) before or after a Rooms' available hours. That's not an issue though.


      Dual Axes Gantt Bar.png


      What I want is to duplicate this chart and tweak it a bit. I want to be able to show how many hours within a day's Room Availability hourly range remain once you've factored out the hours taken up by each day's Agenda Items. So, in the example below - it would be the remainder of the gray bars (Room Availability) that have not been overlaid by Agenda Items.


      This is the calculation that I cannot figure out myself... Also, the calculations used to determine the hourly durations for each Gantt axis returns a value integer, such as 0.83 hours, not an actual date range value (such as between 8.30AM to 11.30AM, in hours). So obviously, this works in a Gantt bar because of the starting points that are defined in the Rows column, but to work out the type of calculation I've mentioned above, it is not as easy because of the integer value and the fact that it is not technically a 'date/hour range' value. At least, I presume this is what is causing the difficulty here.


      Dual Axes Gantt Bar - Desired Chart.png


      If it helps, you remove the current field in the date filter to show you the Room Availability and Item Durations across the 3-day date range, as opposed to the 1-day view, which you can currently see in the above examples.


      Any ideas?