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    Publishing New and Updated Workbooks to Tableau Server

    Christopher McKinnish

      For those who use Tableau Server, I'm looking for a better way to organize or handle promoting Workbooks to our production level.


      Currently are setup is:


      • 1 site
      • Security is setup at the Project Level
      • Projects are setup as
        • Production
        • Testing
        • Development
      • Developers can only publish to their Developmental Projects.  Workbooks are moved from Development, to Test, then finally to Production


      Issue:  The issue is when a user needs to makes an update. 


      Currently if they open their workbook, make the update and republish to the developmental project, I cannot take that same VIZ and replace the existing one in production.   Our existing process is that the Site Admin must demote the Viz from Production back to the Developers library.  The developer publishes their update, overwriting the existing Viz, then the Site Admin moves back to the Production Project.  I cannot just delete and replace, because this breaks all subscriptions.


      Seems like there would be a better way?


      Any suggestions?

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          Jeffrey Line



          Our process is similar to your a little. We just have a test and a production project for our various department.

          If I remember correctly you can't move a workbook over top of one that already exits in a project.

          I typically will down load the test workbook and then publish over top of the one in production. This keeps everything in place with subscriptions, views and refreshes. It also allows you to role back to a prior version if needed. Don't believe moving a workbook does allow for that.


          Right now it is manual, but my volume is relatively low. I'd like to automate this using tabcmd to download workbook from test, publish workbook to production and then remove the test workbook.