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    Working with Scaffold-ed Data (Trying to add a filter)

    Chrissy Scott

      Hi All,


      I'm just learning how to the scaffold data thing (as in, I just did it for the first time yesterday). I got the date to work appropriately doing this:

      • Created an Excel sheet with dates for every day starting August 2015 - December 2018
      • I duplicated my data source - one for Open and one for Closed (I'm working with request data where open and closed dates are in the same row)
      • I created data relationships between the scaffold date field and the Opened date in the Open version of the data source & scaffold date and the Closed date in the Closed version of the data source


      Then I created this viz to experiment:


      • Red line = Opened Requests
      • Orange line = Closed Requests


      So far so good.


      Then I tried to add a filter to the view. I have a field named Request SLA in both Open and Closed data sources. They are linked in the Data Relationships, but there's no link icon option in the data pane. When I add the Request SLA filter from either the Open or Closed data source, I get this error message:



      I need to be able to filter this view for each of the Request SLA options. Workbook is attached, V10.0.2. Any ideas?