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    Mobile design preview

    Joseph Brown

      I'm having an issue in that I developed a dashboard using version 9.something, built with a fixed size dashboard of A4 paper (I know, but my stakeholders love a print out).

      We've recently updated to 10 and I have played around with a phone layout (I used the Default mobile screen size) over the existing dashboard. I used the "Fit Width" option, and it looks great on the tableau desktop preview.

      However, on my mobile device (via the Tableau App, latest version), it is looking completely wrong - Stretched across the screen and small fonts etc.


      I went back into the desktop preview, and changed from "Fit Width" to "Default" (still on the Phone layout), and it shows the same view I am getting on my phone (squashed up, some graphs fully across the screen, others not).


      I've tried using floating, tiled, in containers, out of containers but I just can't seem to get my phone to show what I am seeing on the "Fixed Width" preview I am seeing on the Tableau Desktop preview screen.


      Am I doing something silly, or is this a known problem.

      I have tried on a HTC One M8 and an iPhone 5s - both show the same contorted view.


      Thanks in advance for any help!



      P.S. I've attached a screenshot of the Desktop preview next to the view I'm seeing on my mobile - i've had to edit it quite heavily to cover data security, but hopefully it still shows the nub of the issue.