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    Number Format - 100k without k

    Mia Lee



      On my one page report it shows hundreds of thousand dollars to millions - and with number formatting, I know I can use units to shorten them from 100,000 to 100k but is there any way I can show just 100 without 100k?


      I know it doesn't make much sense from the data stand point, but the users want to

           - view all the numbers without ###s on one sheet as well as

           - export it to an excel spreadsheet and add further calcs.


      Thank you so much for your help in advance!



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          Sagar Sanjay Joshi

          Hi Mia,

               When the users download the underlying data, They'll get the full number and not the k or m or b. As per the ####s you can either adjust the canvas size or utilize a calculation where you can divide the number by a multiple of 10 that is within the range of numbers you are looking for. For example if your numbers are always in 100,000 range, you can either go with the suffix 100k or create a calculated field that replicated 100,000/1000, where you would get "100". The problem with this option is that your users won't be able to make the right calculation since the number is off by multiplier of 1000.


          Hopefully that helps.




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            Mia Lee

            Hi, Joshi


            Thank you for your reply. It should be readable and printable on PDF with 4 quarters of data with initial balance/budget/actual/scores etc so adjusting the canvas size or the width of the column. If I format it with K/B it shows as K or B downloaded(crosstabbed).

            I thought of dividing by 1,000 like you suggested, however it contains LOD calcs, IF statements, coalesces, filtered by attributes...so it got really complicated   I don't think this is any easy since we are not supposed to manipulate the data just with a note "all numbers are written in the thousands" like they do in financial statements...



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              John Sobczak

              custom format:     #,       or #,#,     (depending if you want a comma separator)


              This can be extended to millions as well:     #,#,,


              btw - this is same formatting that Excel uses.

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                Mia Lee

                Hi, John!


                Thank you! I was able to solve it by using #,#,

                Have a great day!!



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                  Tim Park

                  Hi Joshi,


                  I just started using Tableau and I saw your comment on this thread. I'm actually having trouble downloading the full underlying data from my dashboard.


                  For example, I have a value 1,234,567 which I've changed to 1.2M in my worksheet. When I download it to Excel as a csv file, it still shows 1.2M, when I want to be able to see the full number.


                  Thanks in advance for your help!