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    How to make null disappear from the filter drop down, but still not exclude from data

    Gowtham TR

      I need to give a drop down filter to one of my dimensions(X), and calculate a metric A/B accordingly.

      Based on the filter selections for the dimensions (U,V,W,X), my numerator A(sum of sales) will be added up.

      But the denominator B(sum of circulation) is populated only when the dimension X is null, for all the combinations of U, V and W.


      I'm little familiar with fixed,include and exclude calculated fields, which seem to be not promising in getting this metric right.

      I have appended records with key dimension filters U, V , W   with their distinct combinations, with all sales and dimension X values as NULL, while the measure for the denominator B of the metric is populated (this will be null for all the initial records).


      So I need to give a filter for dimension X, and ensure that the null value does not appear in the drop down, while not being excluded from data as well. This way, the user does not get to exclude NULL and the metric is also right.


      Else, the user has to make sure the 'NULL' value in the drop down filter of dimension X is always checked. Is there any way to eliminate this effort for the user?