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    Table Calculations with multiple Dates

    Vamsi Immadisetty

      Hi Team, I am creating the table in tableau with multiple
      calculations dimensions.




      Here is the story, I suppose to create three calculations with respect to three
      independent date fields like




      Signed : Number of records based on [Signed Date]


      Activated : Number of records based on [Activated Date]




      Closed : Number of records based on [End Date]




      Total Activated : Number of total active records till today based on [Activated








      I try created individual calculations but the movement I drag them in sheet the
      numbers getting changed according to [Active Month] column (Which is the row
      header/first column of the table).




      I want to use [Active month] as reference column as header but not referring in
      the calculations,








      I am aware how to create these calculation in different sheets and make it work
      independently but have some other calculations like (Calculating %,
      %difference, and percentiles). I cannot achieve these if I go by sheet






      Attached is the detailed level excel work book with multiple sheets with
      multiple date/count information. As of now my data was like this.


      I am trying to create single crosstab table in tableau like in Sheet 10. Please
      help me out how to create the one.






      please give me some suggestions how to resolve this.








      Thanks - Vamsi.

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