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    how to manage other content in a sheet based on value of one sheet

    Bhagwat Bisht

      Hi friends,

      I am trying to solve an issue here. I have a dashboard containing the client information. It has the trend of sales vs profit scatterplot by salesperson. Another workseet containing the sales, income, number of salesperson etc barplot over the months of the year 2016. THe third sheet contains the top 15 sales man , their avg sales and avg profilt based on a filter of time (quater, halfyearly and year).


      now suppose that I have the dashboard ready for the year. Now what i want is , is to make the avg sales in the third sheet as my filter (slider) and once i change my slider , i want the other two worksheet data to be updated according. for eg if the avg sales vary for the top 15 sales man vary from 1MM to 10MM , I want a dynamically uipdated slider from 1MM to 10 MM which when slided upon show the related date in other two worksheet. so if i choose the 5MM to 10MM window , i need to see the scatterplot of the updated slider range in other two.


      Please advise. This is urgent.

      Syed Khadir Ahmedvenkatesh shivannaKartik K