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    Reference lines

    Swati Sachdeva

      Hi All,


      Please can you help me with a problem i'm facing while creating reference lines.


      My annotation data for the & Ref line-Bottom of top  10- grad shows correct data according to calculations ,  but when i create a reference line it gets created to a random value on the axis.


      Why is this happening ?

      Find the screenshot attached.



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          Joe Oppelt

          You have a table calc being used as your reference line value.  Most likely you need to change your table calc settings so that you end up with one overall value.  Right now your table calc setting is giving you a different value for each year.  (Probably it's set to TABLE(ACROSS), but I'm only guessing here.)


          There are so many variable factors here, it's hard to tell you what you really should be setting it to.  Can you upload a packaged workbook?  Or hack up a simulated version that you have anonymized?



          Anonymize your Tableau Package Data for Sharing


          Please specify your tableau version when you upload.

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            Swati Sachdeva

            thanks for the reply.

            I am using the table calc settings as specific dimensions.

            Find the attached screenshot

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              Joe Oppelt

              That really doesn't help me without an actual workbook.

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                Swati Sachdeva

                below is the attached workbook

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                  Joe Oppelt

                  Assuming you want the average of ALL [!#GradDeg] values -- one line down the whole chart, I just selected all dimensions, and left the default of "Deepest" and Restart = NONE.

                  See attached.


                  You'll notice that in the dimension list you show YEAR(Year_fmt) twice.  That' because you have it twice on the sheet -- DISCRETE on the ROWS shelf, and Continuous on the Detail shelf.  You might not need the one on the detail shelf, though I didn't look for all the places you're using it.

                  I added the top-10 line for you too.

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                    Swati Sachdeva

                    I want the top 10 and top bottom per cell not an average down the whole chart.

                    I need the reference lines computing using institution.

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                      Joe Oppelt

                      I'm confused about what you are looking for.


                      The red lines you have on your sheet are already breaking per-cell.  (I'm assuming your calcs are working correctly.)  1995 calcs out to 4114.  That is positioned where I would expect it to land along the "Median UF" axis.


                      If you want something to display by [Institution], you'll have to have [Institution] on Rows.

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                        Swati Sachdeva

                        if you hover through the 2015 bar , the bottom of top 10 is 143 and top is 207.

                        the reference line on that cell should be at 143(bottom) and at 207(top)

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                          Joe Oppelt

                          Now I see what you are seeing.

                          And you're right.  I would expect the 2015 line to say (and display on) 143, not 4862.  In fact, if you mess with the settings for the reference line, whether you pick MIN or AVG or SUM for the calc field, you seem to get the SUM.


                          I have never seen this before.


                          And no matter how many different combinations of settings I try, Tableau is a giant value on the reference line.  I do not have an answer for you.


                          Here is what I recommend:


                          Open a new thread.  Here is why I suggest that.  In most cases, people who want to answer a thread will look at ones that don't already have a lot of replies on them.  (People often don't want to jump in the middle of someone else's ongoing discussion.)  Now that we have a bunch of replies here, a lot of people will ignore this thread.


                          In the new thread, start with uploading the workbook right away.  And mention that this is a 10.1 workbook.  Don't bother with the screen shots.  People would rather see the workbook.  You can point to this thread and mention that we can't figure out why the reference line is not coming up with the same value that the tooltip is showing.  That's really the issue.  You have the calcs computing correctly.  2015 shows a value of 143, and that's also what you want the reference line to show.


                          See if someone else can see what's wrong here.  I am tempted to say this is a bug, but I don't want to be premature in going that route.  that's why I want to see someone else look at it too.