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    Trending & Forecasting - Grayed out

    efua biney

      Hi everyone,


      I am sort of new to Tableau and learning really quickly as I go. It's been great so far. I am querying some dummy data from Excel to see how trending and forecasting would work with Tableau.


      I have the data graphed into 2 categories (Eligiblity & Engaged) by quarter by year. So for each year, I see the number of eligible cases and engaged cases for each quarter in each year.


      I would like to see how the data is trending (visually, I can see it's trending downwards) and do some forecasting to see how many eligible and engaged cases to expected for the next quarter and years.


      However, when I click Analysis and 'Show all trend lines', I get a warning that states that "A trend line cannot be computed. Typically, each axis should be either a number or a date." Both of my axis are either a number or a date so I'm not sure what the warning is alluding to.


      Also, the forecast button is grayed out so I'm not able to click it. Am I missing something? 


      Is it possible with the data I have? I'm using version 8.3.


      I've attached my workbook for your review.