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    Tableau desktop takes a long time to connect to MSSQL server

    omer schleifer

      Hi, we are running Tableau desktop version 10.1.5 in live mode, and each refresh to data source takes 10 - 25 minutes to finish.

      what I've done so far:

      1. Optimized SQL queries + made sure in SQL profiler the bottleneck is not there.

      2. Made sure we are running on a strong and free server , 64 bit , with good connection to the database.

      3. Tried downloading to a similar server a trial version -> open a copy of the workbook there -> performance is great.

      4. Activated Tableau perofmrance profiler -> looks like all of the time was spent on connecting to the server.(see attached)

      5. Tried restarting the app many times -> doesn't help

      6. Tried reading all existing suggestions , but all of them were related to SQL queries that takes a long time, network issues etc...

      7. Tried working in extract mode -> don't see any data at all , or performance is even worse.



      Would greatly appreciate any suggestions/insights.



      Added the server log file as well, not sure how to readi it , but hope it contains some clues.