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    Tableau Server: Performance Issue

    Srikar N

      Hello Everyone,


      I have developed a dashboard with 15 text prompts where users can enter the value to see the change in the measures.

      Ex: Dashboard has 15 months of data and I would need to calculate the quantity for each month based on the user input as shown in below screenshot. For calculating Quantity, I have added 15 text prompts as highlighted in blue in below screenshot. When user enters the value in text box then its corresponding bar gets changed.


      Issue: This dashboard works absolutely fine from Tableau Desktop, but when I publish the same dashboard to Tableau Server then its keep on loading when I enter some value in one of the text prompts and it never come back with result.


      Note: I connected thru LIVE and EXTRACT options to see the difference in performance. But its doing same with both the connections.


      Please advise.