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    tableau online - duplicate data sources

    mark schukas

      over time, I have gotten duplicate data sources that were published to Online Data Sources.


      in general, I would like to delete one of the data sources (only keep one) and connect all my workbooks to this one set (I have about one dozen)...


      What is the proper procedure for this...?


      thank you.

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          Hey Mark,


          I would verify which is the published data source you want to use, then connect each workbook individually to that published workbook and replace the connection. Then delete every other connection from that workbook and from Tableau Online that you know you don't need. Make sure you name the published data source something that you won't confuse.


          Hope this helps,



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            mark schukas

            thank you. 


            here's my present idea/working:


            1. n.b,
              this is what I sent to Tableau Tech Support – they are still reviewing.


            • Create SQL Server
            • Connect Views as
              Data Sources with Tableau
              • (save twb file and Publish to Online)
            • Publish Data Servers
              to Tableau Online (Publish Data Source to Tableau Online and schedule Refresh)
            • In the twb, Create
              new Data Source:  Data, New Data Source – Connect to a Server, Tableau
              Server (10az.online.tableau.com)
              • We now have two Data Sources (SQL Server View and Tableau
            • Highlight the old
              Data Source (View) and choose, Replace Data Source (switch to the Online:
              Current to Replacement)
            • Old Data Source
              (View), Close




            thank you.